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DIO ( AF18) PG 52.6mm Race Crankshaft kit


DIO ( AF18) PG 52.6mm Race Crankshaft


Dio ( AF18 ) 52.6mm Reinforce Race Crankshaft for High RPM, High Power Bore-Up Stroker Cylinder kit.
Perfect for 48mm-56mm Both Water-Cooling, Air-Cooling Cylinder.
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Wide Body and Big Diameter Design Offers Long Stroke and Rigid Structure.
Full-Circle Bakelite Structure Achieves Higher Crankcase Pressure and Lightweight.
Reinforced Forge Rod Delivers Massive Torque and High RPM Output.
Without Oil Pump Gear for Better Strength on Pulley Side Axis.
Come with Special Narrow Bearings and High Quality Oil Seals.

Body Wide=35.5mm, Rod C/C Length=91mm, Diameter=79.5mm.
Stroke=52.6mm. Unit Weight=1249.5g.
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High Performance Racing Parts, Must Be Serviced by Skillful and Experienced Technician Only.